Dark circles, sometimes referred to as “eye bags,” are growing more prevalent in both men and women as well as youngsters. People who have this uncomfortable illness seem older than they are and feel loved. Researchers have discovered the underlying reasons for dark circles to be a lack of sleep, exhaustion, stress, and genetics with the advent of medical technology. In addition to this, smoking and drinking alcohol are also contributing to males developing dark circles under their eyes. The increased melanin content, or hyperpigmentation, is another factor in the development of these eye bags.

Skin Aura Dubai offers dark circle treatment and other cosmetic surgeries in dubai.

Aim of the Treatment 

It is advised to have dark circle treatment in Dubai at SKIN AURA CLINIC which uses efficient cosmetic treatments to give patients a younger, fresher appearance. The cosmetic procedure with major changes completely enhances the appearance of the entire face. Correcting dark circles provides patients a natural, refreshed appearance.

Who Should Have These Treatments 

The most noticeable feature on the human body and a key component in determining one’s look are the eyes. We might appear older overall when the region beneath our eyes darkens sometimes. Dark rings around the eyes are a typical term used to describe this illness. Although everyone might be affected by the issue, those who engage in harmful practices are more prone to do so. Even while it is not a medical problem, some nevertheless seek outside assistance, often for cosmetic reasons.

  • For you, having dark circles under your eyes is a really sensitive issue.
  • It negatively impacts both your physical and emotional health.
  • You’re seeking a quick, accessible, and safe answer.
  • Stress and poor self-esteem have left dark circles in their wake

Technique Used

Eye bags may be effectively treated with a variety of dark circle treatments in Dubai.These are some of the frequent operations that the skin aura Clinic offers.


It is commonly referred to as “eyelid surgery.” An experienced dermatologist performs a quick procedure on the lower eyelid to lighten the dark circles. By eliminating extra skin, muscle, and fat, the procedure also fixes sagging eyelids. Your eyes seem younger, fresher, and more alert after blepharoplasty.

Laser Resurfacing

For this operation, an antibacterial cleaner is used to clean around the eyes. With the use of a specialized equipment, concentrated beams are first applied to the eye bags to begin the treatment. The practitioner moves the instrument around the eyes slowly and gradually. Dark circles immediately vanish as it produces instant effects. Treatments for dark circles in Dubai also help to boost collagen production, giving the eyes a delicate texture.

Dermal Fillers and Fat Injections

This procedure is typically used on those who have dark circles under their eyes and have thin skin. To replace the decreased volume under the eyes, hyaluronic acid and fat injections are used. To fill up the spaces and lessen the visibility of dark circles, fillers are injected. However, the aesthetic results are extremely impressive.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

For people who have severe vascular pigmentation problems, this therapy is advised. IPL is used to treat the dark purple or dark blue vessels seen beneath the eyes. Contrast this procedure not laser resurfacing. To achieve optimum results, many IPL treatments are conducted.

Chemical Peels

It is among the most successful non-surgical methods for skin resurfacing. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used in the procedure to remove the top layer of dead skin. The peel’s use helps to reduce the appearance of dark undereye circles.


Actually, dermabrasion is not the best treatment for this skin issue. It’s fairly inadequate. But it’s crucial that you understand what it is and why you should stay away from it.

The dermatologist essentially removes the outer layers of skin from the afflicted area by rolling a tiny instrument across it. There is always a chance of scarring, infection, allergies, and several other consequences since it is typically performed too thoroughly.

Cheek Lift

Dermatologists advise this procedure when a patient wishes to reduce the appearance of deep creases, puffiness, or dark circles under the eyes. The operation removes the dark area beneath the eyes and raises the cheek fat pads.


In addition to increasing collagen synthesis, the therapy removes pigmentation. One of the finest cosmetic effects of the surgery is thought to be skin tightening. The patient emerges with a youthful and vibrant appearance, while individual outcomes may vary.

Typically, the treatment is done in an outpatient setting. After a few days of therapy, one can resume normal activities. The entire recovery process takes two to three weeks. Dramatic improvements enhance the appearance of the face, help to remove dark circles, and also increase self-confidence.


You can get your dark circle treatment from Skin Aura Clinic at affordable prices.


What are The Benefits of Dark Circle Treatment?

  • Gives a youthful, fresh appearance.
  • Removes the signs of aging
  • Improved and beautiful eye look
  • Increases confidence and gives a more youthful appearance by reducing under-eye puffiness and volume.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Ideal treatment candidates are people who:

  • Your general health is good.
  • You have a swollen appearance.
  • You anticipate the procedure going well, and the melanin under your eyes is highly pigmented.

How Long Does Dark Circle Treatment Last?

The dark circle treatment’s results might last for 12 to 18 months.

How Many Sessions are Required for Dark Circle Treatment?

Depending on the skin problem, the Dark Circle Removal treatment involves 10–16 sessions spaced out over 8 weeks (dark circle, puffiness or a combination of both).

Do Dark Circles Remain Permanent?

To totally eliminate dark circles, ideally a medical and natural treatment approach would be required. Typically, the impacts are not long-lasting.

Is Laser Treatment Good for Dark Circles?

Dark circles beneath the eyes and other skin issues can be treated with lasers. The recovery period and degree of discomfort brought on by the therapy are both relatively low. In reality, with just a few possible exceptions, the majority of patients receiving laser therapy are able to resume their regular daily activities right afterwards.