Skin sagging is said to be reduced by both surgical and non-surgical techniques, but at what cost? There are some significant differences between them in terms of effectiveness, price, recuperation, method, etc. For more information, keep reading.

Facelift vs Thread Lift

A non-surgical skin tightening method called a “thread lift treatment in Dubai & Sharjah” is used at skin aura to raise sagging skin by putting a number of dissolvable stitches in the troublesome region. The fact that it provides services for practically all skin tones and types is arguably its strongest feature.

 A facelift is a more invasive surgery that addresses significant skin sagging. In contrast to thread lifts, it provides more obvious effects and restores a more youthful aspect. Consequently, if you have extra skin and want a permanent cure, this operation can suit you.

Expected Results: 

Although thread lifts don’t have the same degree of outcomes as a facelift, it is undeniably worthwhile to get one because you can get good results without spending a lot of money. It gives your face a tight, toned appearance again, improving your appearance overall.

How Does it work?

Although the drooping skin will be surgically removed, the doctor will use safe, temporary sutures to tighten the appearance of the face skin. The skin will experience an incredibly noticeable lift as a result of this technique, but please be aware that this effect could only last one to three years. This could be a result of these strands’ simplicity in dissolving.

Ideal Candidate:

At skin aura Dubai, Thread lift is not available to everyone. Check to see whether you are qualified for this therapy.

It’s proper for you to have a thread lift in Dubai if

  • Your skin sagging and anxiety about surgery haven’t gotten any worse yet.
  • have no ongoing medical conditions
  • Your age ranges from thirty to fifty.


The steps are easy to follow and take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. In any case, the following might be anticipated throughout your Thread Lift procedure:

  • You can first get local anesthesia throughout the surgery.
  • Following that, the face will receive sutures using cannulas or tiny needles. Most of the processing time will be spent at this stage.
  • Last but not least, ice bags will be applied to your face to minimize the severe side effects that frequently accompany cosmetic procedures.


Thread lifts are not very costly. In any case, the cost will depend on your demands, the surgeon’s experience, the location, and the degree of sagging. One study found that a safe estimate for the price of a thread lift in 2020 was AED 8,000. You must speak with a surgeon to obtain specific costs.

The Recovery: 

Because Dubai & Sharjah Thread Lifts are surgical procedures, they are often performed as outpatient procedures without the need for general anesthesia. After the surgeon completes the procedure, patients are free to return home.

  • The rate of recuperation is significantly influenced by each person’s development. In any case, it’s crucial that you take some time to recover once you return home.
  • It is suggested that you take a few days off work to recuperate thoroughly.
  • You can continue light exercises, but for a few days, avoid doing any severe weight training.
  • Please be aware that healing might be uncomfortable. Additionally, bruising and swelling on the face are likely to last a few days. After their therapy, some patients did, however, also experience nausea and vomiting.

Benefits of Thread Lift Therapy:

The top five benefits of thread lift treatment are listed below:

  • can provide cheeks, brows, jawline, forehead, under-eye, and jowls a modest lift.
  • Highly efficient, rapid, and risk-free
  • There will be little to no downtime; normal operations may be resumed in three to four days.