It is one of the most recent and sophisticated methods and facials that thoroughly cleanses the face both on the inside and the exterior. It employs a few actions and methods that are crucial for your skin’s renewal and regeneration.

Although there are numerous salons offering hydra facials, not all of them are reliable and sanitary. It can only be done by an expert with a good understanding of facial anatomy. The finest Hydrafacial in Dubai & Sharjah is provided by our team of top-notch professionals. However, much like every aspect of health, skin requires ongoing care – not just a quick cure, as with Non-Cosmetic Laser Treatment.

A Hydra Facial: What Is It?

The washing, moisturizing, detoxifying, and exfoliating phases of a hydra facial are pleasant. Additionally, it employs serums and infusions of some highly potent substances that are good for the skin and enhance its luminosity.

Aim of Treatment

The primary goal of Hydrafacial in Dubai & Sharjah is to hydrate and nourish the dermis deeply. It is regarded as one of the most recent advancements in non-laser skin resurfacing to produce skin that is flatter and more bright throughout the treated locations. With this non-invasive method, ethnic, oily, dry, rough, thin, and aging skin can be improved. You may include regular skin-nourishment routines in your routine to maintain healthy skin.

Ideal candidate

Every female aspires to have smooth, young skin that is free of imperfections. Today, you can definitely reach your objective by getting a couple of Hydrafacial treatments. By receiving this therapy, both men and women can get rid of impurities or dead skin cells.

HydraFacial Procedure

How is the Hydrafacial Treatment carried out?

Hydra facial is available to applicants with all skin types and has no restrictions. The process is, therefore, the same for everyone. It contains:

Initial Examination

The esthetician will initially enquire about any skin allergies or chemical sensitivities you may have had in the past or are aware of having.


To remove the dead skin and filth from the face, mild chemical agents like glycolic acid and salicylic acid are used. This will allow the moisturizing serum to permeate the skin.


The residual impurities from the pores are subsequently removed by a suction device, leaving behind finer, smoother, and non-textured skin. The patented technology is used to do all of this.


A moisturizing serum, such as hyaluronic acid, is then injected into the skin once the contaminants have been eliminated. It is anticipated that it would penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers and return the skin’s water equilibrium.


At skin aura Dubai, a Hydrafacial typically costs between AED 499 and AED 700. The cost comprises the dermatologist’s charge, the number of procedures, and the number of skin issues that need to be addressed.


After hydrafacial, the results are immediate, obvious, and permanent. Numerous skin issues, such as greasy skin, spots, big pores, and hyperpigmentation are resolved as a consequence. Additionally, this cosmetic procedure removes dead skin cells while concurrently regenerating new ones.

What Advantages Does a Hydra Facial Offer?

  • skin is cleaned, resulting in smoother, more radiant skin.
  • breaks down grease and debris to clear blocked pores
  • vacuums blackheads out
  • The applied serum somewhat moisturizes, nourishes, and plumps the skin.
  • reduces the likelihood of sunspots appearing
  • delivers a clearer, more moisturized complexion
  • encourages the production of collagen to give skin a youthful appearance
  • reduces enlarged pores and evens out the texture, pigmentation, and tones.

Acne Reduction With HydraFacial?

This procedure will assist in unclogging your blocked pores and removing oil buildup on your skin. Since clogged pores are a proven contributor to acne, experiencing a breakout is less likely once they are unclogged.

The goal of a HydraFacial is to remove dead skin cells that mix with sebum to cause an inflammatory blemish. The therapy aims to eliminate p. acne germs from the skin in order to treat present acne and prevent further breakouts.

Additionally, it helps lessen scarring and erase discoloration that develops after acne has healed. Small pores, improved skin tone, fewer breakouts, and smooth, clean skin are the effects.

Is a HydraFacial Better than a Regular Facial?

Due to the lack of physical extraction, this process is far gentler on the facial skin than most regular facials. You may both see and feel the results that are produced right away and over time. You’ll notice that your skin is moisturized better, has fewer dark spots, and even has fewer fine wrinkles.