One of the fundamental justifications for removing anything from the body is estheticism. Moles may be benign, yet they nonetheless obstruct the beauty of the skin. Hence, those who have them; want to remove them. You must go for Mole Removal in Dubai & Sharjah if you are concerned about your mole. You can go for the mole removal process by either surgical excision, laser, cryotherapy or by shaving. By removing them, you will get blemish-free and smooth skin with no spots. Our experienced staff at Skin Aura Clinics Dubai will help you get the ideal image that you have always desired. They will also perform a biopsy in case you are concerned with the pathology of the mole.

What is Mole Removal?

This procedure removes moles in a way that is quite gratifying and leaves no marks. Scarring is less likely as a result. Additionally, the body’s subtle finish must be preserved during this technique. A special pigment found in our skin is referred to as a melanocyte. Moles might develop that are brown or black if this pigment collects in one location. Their skeleton could be elevated or flat. Additionally, they can be found anywhere on the body.

We at Skin Aura Clinics Dubai use a blend of techniques to remove the moles both safely and effectively. Local anaesthesia makes this process virtually painless. Also, this process has no downtime hence, our patient satisfaction rate is maximum. Our skilled and experienced doctors give you permanent and long-lasting results.

Reasons for Removal of a Mole:

Your doctor will examine the mole carefully at first. If doctors believe it to be abnormal, they will either remove it entirely or collect a tissue sample. A dermatologist, who specialises in the skin, might be recommended by them to handle it.

Your doctor will submit the sample to a lab for further analysis. This is referred to as a biopsy. If the test results are positive, indicating that the mole is malignant, the entire mole and the surrounding area must be removed to get rid of the potentially lethal cells.

Ideal Candidate:

Usually you do not need to remove mole unless it has certain clinical etiology. But you can get the best mole removal treatment in dubai if you are:

  • Both physically and mentally healthy
  • Your skin is elastic
  • You do not like the appearance of mole
  • Your expectation to the treatment must be realistic
  • You are not suffering from eczema, psoriasis or other skin related idseases
  • If you have any new growth on the skin that is different from other growths on the skin
  • If skin tag has itching or irritation
  • Mole starts to bleed or form crust
  • If it is affecting your self-esteem

Results of Mole Removal:

Our experts at Skin Aura Clinics Dubai  will give you the best results with spotless skin. The results will remain same whether the mole of innate or it has developed ovr time. You’ll feel safer and more satisfied with your appearance after having a mole removed by our practitioners.

The Procedure of Removal of Mole:

An office appointment with a dermatologist typically results in the removal of a mole. The majority of relocations simply need one office visit. The necessity for a second visit with a patient can occur occasionally.

A dermatologist can quickly and easily remove a mole, whether it takes two or more sessions. One of these methods will be employed by a dermatologist:

Excision by surgery:

The dermatologist removes the entire mole and, if required, sutures the skin back together. An expertly qualified physician will also examine your mole under a microscope. This is carried out to look for cancerous cells. Your dermatologist will inform you if cancerous cells are discovered.

Surgical shave:

The dermatologist removes the mole by shaving it with a surgical blade. Typically, a medical professional with specialised training will use a microscope to inspect your mole. Your dermatologist will inform you if cancerous cells are discovered.


Different name for it is “cryotherapy.” Moles are clusters of pigmented cells that are frozen using liquid nitrogen and a cotton swab in this procedure. Depending on the size, thickness, and location of the lesion, liquid spray can also be used as a substitute for cotton. If there is burning, it may stop as soon as the treatment is over.


The mole-containing area is torched in this procedure. Due to the application of heat, it is a barely uncomfortable treatment. A topical anaesthetic cream can be used beforehand to lessen the discomfort.

Hyfrecator Removal:

a cosmetic procedure with FDA approval that is both painless and safe. Electrical pulses are sent during the treatment into the troublesome tissues to heat them up. When a mole is located in a delicate part of the body, this procedure might not be suitable.

Laser Treatment:

Some lesions can be removed using laser therapy. The most frequent target for this technique is flat, non-cancerous moles. To burn the cells during laser excision, the doctor uses brief light pulses. It may take two or three sessions of laser therapy to entirely get rid of them.

Cost of Mole Removal:

If you choose the appropriate approach, mole removal won’t be expensive. The average cost of a mole removal procedure in Dubai ranges from AED … to AED … The prices may vary depending on the quantity of moles treated and the chosen process.

Factors influencing the cost:

  • Selecting a qualified practitioner.
  • Where the clinic is located.
  • Moles’ size or quantity.
  • If a patient opts for a different course of treatment.
  • The clinic’s repute.
  • Additional fees of some kind.

For accurate cost assessments, kindly let us know the state of your mole by calling us directly.

Benefits of Mole Removal:

Following are some of the benefits of mole removal:

  • The results are long lasting
  • The treatment methods are non-surgical
  • It will give a clear and aesthetic look to your face
  • Skin will become spotless
  • Improvement in self-esteem
  • Treatment methods are inexpensive
  • Reduction in skin irritation
  • Removal of multiple moles or skin tags in a single session
  • Smoothness or softness of skin after the procedure
  • It will improve your self-confidence
  • The treatment methods have no specific risks involved

Aftercare Instructions:

Our experts offer following aftercare instructions to get the maximum benefits from the procedure:

  • Without consulting your doctor, avoid using any additional products.
  • For a few days, avoid rubbing, touching, or scrubbing the treated area.
  • Avoid going outside in the bright sun since it could damage the treated region.
  • If you experience itchiness, redness, or irritation, apply cooling gel.
  • After treatment, keep the area tidy and clean.

Why is Mole Removal at Home NOT Recommended?

Methods for removing moles at home seem rather simple and practical. To avoid going to your dermatologist’s office, you might be tempted to try one of these methods. Although some of the home remedies for mole removal may be harmful, there is no proof that they are effective.

Book a Consultation:

Since moles are unattractive and unwanted, mole removal in Islamabad is a secure and efficient method of getting rid of them. If this procedure is something you’re thinking about, speak with our professionals at Skin Aura Clinics Dubai. You will get the best results for Mole Removal in Dubai.

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