Privacy Policy

We have taken every step to prevent the misuse of your information by building this website with the newest security technologies. However, when you make an appointment or reserve a treatment, we might need information about your basic health history and circumstances.

We want to provide our users with the most important information through this website, newsletters, and other channels. Therefore, this website may store cookies, a very little piece of code, on your browser in order to customize it for you. Cookies are safe and cannot in any way hurt you.

Some features might not be accessible if your browser prevents this website from saving cookies. We often use advertising technologies to display ads and offers that are relevant to you based on what you do on this website.

Your IP address and other information about your visit to this website are collected strictly for internal purposes. These data are processed to produce useful information that improves our ability to serve you. It also enables us to create unique community or market group programs.

We may store your data for a limited period of time before being removed. We may make the following uses of your personal information:

  • To give you information when you request.
  • To provide you with any necessary pre-treatment information.
  • To improve the navigation on your website.
  • To provide updates on the newest therapy offers.
  • To deliver you the data that you asked for.
  • To send you marketing materials (you can unsubscribe).
  • To pay attention to your inquiries and grievances.

You can ask us for data, and we will immediately give it to you without charge. However, we will want payment if there are expenses involved in providing your data a second time. You are allowed all the rights that local law and regulation grant you. This clinic also makes an effort to adhere to the most recent data privacy requirements to provide a high-quality service.

We frequently provide our users with connections to other websites in order to give them more information. However, please be aware that this reference to other websites should not be interpreted as a recommendation.

You would be the only responsible if you access those websites. Suppose you receive incorrect information from those websites or experience any other misguiding content then we will not be found responsible. We are only here to give our network’s guarantee.